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100W Laser Rusting Removal Machine

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laserLaser derusting machine, we usually call it laser cleaning machine, can be used to clean paint, oil stains, residues, rust and other products that are not easy to handle or have low processing efficiency. The principle of the laser cleaning machine for cleaning stains is to use the instant high energy of the laser to clean up the stains on the surface. If it is rust with a thickness of one centimeter, you need to knock off the rust bag with a rust hammer first, and then use the scanning gun of the laser marking machine to clean the rust on the surface of the product once.

There are many ways to deal with stains, some are using potions, some are using corrosion, and some are grinding with a grinder. However, the use of potions will harm the human body, and now due to environmental protection issues, the corrosion process is not allowed to be used. Using a traditional grinder to process the rust. There will be many small grooves on the metal surface that are invisible to the eyes. The grinder cannot polish the rust in the grooves. After the grinding is finished, apply primer and topcoat and return. Rust time will be fast. Compared with the treatment methods described above, the laser cleaning machine of the laser marking machine manufacturer has the advantages of environmental protection, no harm to the human body, and cleaner cleaning. The return rust cycle is longer and the treatment of rust is reduced.



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