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  • Features of Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine:1."Swept away, the phantom remains"The pulse laser cleaning machine has the advantages of easy installation, control and automation, simple operation, power on, open the device, no chemical reagents, no media, no water cleaning, automatic focus, surface clean

  • 1.What the laser cleaning machine? Laser cleaning technology is the use of nanosecond or picosecond pulsed laser irradiation of the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned, so that the surface of the workpiece in an instant to absorb the focused laser energy, the formation of rapidly expanding plasm

  • Application of Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine in Automobile IndustryLaser cleaning is known as "the most potential green cleaning technology in the 21st century". It can effectively remove rust, oil, film, oxide skin, paint and other pollutants on the surface of objects without damaging the surface of

  • After cleaning with traditional cleaning machines, a lot of waste is left around to remove the rest. Traditional cleaning machines are costly in terms of time and efficiency, and cause most of the waste and require the user to wear protective equipment.The emergence of pulse cleaning machine, gradua

  • Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has some advantages that traditional cleaning methods cannot achieve. Laser cleaning is a kind of non-contact cleaning, which has little damage to the substrate, has high flexibility, stability and automation characteristics, good cleaning q

  • Precautions for using laser cutting machine1. Always check the steel belt and make sure it is tight. Otherwise, if there is a problem in operation, it may hurt people, and even cause death in serious cases. The steel belt seems to have a problem with Xiaodong, but it is a bit serious.2. Check the st

  • With the rapid development of laser industry, intelligent transformation and upgrading is more urgent, for the current manufacturing industry bears the brunt. Laser cutting machine plays an increasingly important role in the multi-layer classification of the industry and has become an extremely impo

  • How do newcomers learn to weld quickly?As a novice, you do not have the technical experience to use a laser welding machine to get high quality results.The laser welding machine is the most powerful aid for the novice welder to improve his or her welding ability. It does not require years of experie

  • The 2.5D laser marking machine, as the name implies, is a new type of laser marking machine that is different from the standard laser marking machine and the 3D laser marking machine. Mainly designed for users with different needs.It uses JCZ EZCAD3 software and automatic lifting pillar. They have

  • In some farms and TV variety shows or private captive animals, we often see some animals have "tags" on their ears. Ear tag is one of the common signs of animals. It is used to prove the identity of livestock. It is a sign that carries the individual information of livestock. It is applied to the ea

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