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20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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20w fiber laser marking machineThe laser marking machine is a standard configuration in the laser integrated equipment industry. The most popular laser marking machine is 20W fiber laser marking. The marking machine, with high processing efficiency, high stability, pollution-free, and low price, quickly occupied the market and became one of the best-selling laser equipment.

The popular inkjet machine at the time has now been replaced by laser marking machines, which has made more people aware of lasers and has expanded to a wider field. It has become an important processing tool since its development. , Whether it is the production date, mobile phone case marking machine, water cup and other products, and the things that are marked by the laser marking machine are not easy to be erased or tampered with.

But nowadays, with the innovation of industry machinery, the machine is not perfect. Now there is even a fully automatic marking machine. One person can easily complete the assembly, debugging, and delivery process of the fiber laser marking machine. In small companies, the boss, technology, sales, and after-sales are all part-time.

It is precisely because of the high stability of the fiber laser marking machine, the wide range of market applications, and the large number of manufacturers that the price of the fiber laser marking machine is at the price of cabbage. 

So is the price of fiber laser marking machine really the price of cabbage?

At present, the price of 20W fiber laser marking machine on Alibaba is around 1800-2500. Of course, there are also better laser marking machines. The value of laser marking machine is relatively more expensive. The choice of marking machine at a price is completely based on your own needs.

So the more expensive the marking machine, the better the marking machine?

The answer is not necessarily because the choice of fiber laser marking machine does not necessarily start from the aspects of price, quality, after-sales, etc., but whether it can meet the demand and whether it can bring profits to customers. Certain materials of large companies need to customize the processing of the core components of the fiber laser marking machine to meet the processing requirements.

Therefore, buying a fiber laser marking machine is not necessarily the pursuit of a base price, nor is it necessarily a pursuit of a high price. A high price is a good product, but a product that meets your own needs.

Therefore, the price of fiber laser marking machines varies. What price is needed for marking machines should be based on the company’s actual needs or targeted development of the market, and find stable manufacturers to carry out stable supply and demand. Yihui Casting Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to high-end Fiber laser marking market, serving the market, has accumulated rich experience, welcome all customers to visit and negotiate.



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