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3D Crystal Internal Engraving Machine Parameters and Trial Industry
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3D Crystal Internal Engraving Machine Parameters and Trial Industry

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3D Crystal Laser Inner Engraving3d crystal internal carving is to inject a certain wavelength of laser into the interior of transparent relative density materials such as glass or crystal, so that specific parts of the interior will be slightly burst to form relative graphics, so as to display flat or three-dimensional patterns on crystal and glass. A kind of internal technology. The technology of 3D internal carving has changed people's viewing angle of objects. 3D can make creative products more concrete, real and interactive. The development of 3D optical internal engraving technology makes 3D rapid imaging possible, and it is also the fastest way to display 3D rapid prototyping.

Technical Parameter:


YCND-A (high speed)
Lasers semiconductor diodes, imported parts
Semiconductor life > 20000 hours
Laser pulse 5000HZ
Maximum engraving range format 100mm x 100mm, depth 130mm
Lens focal length 120mm
Focus diameter  20μm~40μm (high definition)
Maximum engraving speed high speed 5000 points/sec 280,000 to 300,000 points/min
Repeat positioning accuracy  10μm
Total power  <400W
Equipment weight  75kg
Cooling method  Air cooling
Working environment  No dust, no corrosion, no seismic source
Temperature  10-35°C, humidity less than 85%
Power requirements  100V-120V / 200v-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Applicable materials crystal, glass, acrylic,etc.
Equipment size  500mm x 650mm x 750mm

Applicable industry:

Industrial gifts: crystal and glass crafts, such as trophies, medals, souvenirs (such as factory celebrations, school celebrations, conference memorials, tourist souvenirs), crystal necklaces, pendants, personalized 3D portraits, wedding photos, newborn hand and foot prints, personal life photos, etc. .

Decoration industry: glass decoration and glass deep processing, such as mirrors, glass internal signs, high-end hotels, galleries and exhibition decorations, etc.

Teaching and research: automated laboratories, research rooms and exhibition halls. Professional teaching such as laser and automation, students use it for internship.

Industrial applications: anti-counterfeiting of high-end glass products, anti-counterfeiting barcodes and industrial markings, and the inside of the wine bottle cooperates with the flight identification of the factory production line (anti-counterfeiting code, production date, etc.)

Supporting plan:

It can be used with 3D cameras or 3D scanners to make 3D portraits, and can be placed in tourist attractions, various activity sites and other densely populated production sites



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