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3D Laser Marking Machine Of HantenCNC
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3D Laser Marking Machine Of HantenCNC

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3D Laser marking machine

Welcome to the Chinese laser equipment manufacturer HantenCNC News! Recently, the purchase boom of 3D laser marking machines has swept across. So many friends who don't know much about this machine come to ask me

what is a 3D laser marking machine?

Today, I will take you to learn about the 3D marking machine of HantenCNC.There are also many types of 3d laser marking machines. we are going to show the 3d large sealed laser marking machine.

Let's first look at the principle of 3D laser marking machine. 

HantenCNC 3D laser marking machine adopts the processing method of laser surface depression, breaking through the traditional 2D laser marking mode. It greatly reduces the requirements on the surface of the material and achieves the effect of uniform marking on all edges. The effect of processing is richer, and more new ideas are produced one after another. Today I will introduce a 100W fully sealed 3D laser marking machine. This is the beautifully designed black marking machine in front of you, the body is composed of black and white sheet metal cabinets. Due to the long time of 3D relief, we adopt a sealed cabinet design, which can effectively protect the environment and prevent people from inhaling material waste. The 3D laser marking machine uses 3D software and supporting galvanometers to achieve various functions. The whole machine is composed of upper and lower parts, the upper part is the 3D galvanometer, the electric column, the working area, the computer, and various switches; the lower part is the main box, the laser, the control board and other components. After introducing the appearance, let's take a look at its functions. The 3D laser marking machine can quickly change the focal length of the laser and the position of the laser beam to achieve 3D marking. Large-format radius marking can be performed on the arc surface. This machine has an auto-focus function, and can realize laser marking on uneven, conical, cylindrical, and free-form surfaces. The 3D 100W marking machine can also be used for deep metal engraving applications, which is fast. Therefore, HantenCNC 3D laser marking machine can greatly improve efficiency. In addition, for materials with large surface height differences, 3D laser marking will be more advantageous. Many customers perform curved surface marking or embossing in metal jewelry, crafts customization, advertising signs and other industries. 



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