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3D Laser Marking Machine Realizes the Marking Effect of Metal Products
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3D Laser Marking Machine Realizes the Marking Effect of Metal Products

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Modern high-tech laser marking equipment has been listed one after another. The recently launched 3D laser marking machine has a distinctive representation. The 3D laser marking machine is used to realize the marking of metal products and has higher marking accuracy than traditional marking machines. The precision of the various workpieces produced and processed will be higher, and the specifications and models can naturally meet the requirements of customers, which will have a good promotion effect on the promotion of the company's products, and there is no need for subsequent processing after the product is produced.

Nowadays, if 3D laser marking machine equipment wants to meet people's requirements for marking metal products, it must have multi-functional characteristics and four high characteristics. The so-called four highs are equipment speed, high output, high reliability, and high technical content. Jinan Hanteng Laser has achieved good results in this regard. The self-developed 3D laser marking machine has these characteristics

3D laser marking machine processing metal products have the following unique advantages:

1. Fiber laser processing has no consumables and reduces costs.

2. It can process a variety of metals and non-metals, especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point.

3. A low-cost and compact solution, using semiconductor optical fiber as the laser medium, no laser gas required, and environmentally friendly.

4. the efficiency and scope of marking can be improved through different media, and laser processing can also be carried out in harsh environments.

5. The laser beam is easy to guide and focus, realizes the conversion matching with the numerical control system, and is a very flexible processing method.

6.3D laser marking machine can effectively improve production efficiency, increase economic benefits, and ensure product quality.

7. Non-contact processing, no direct impact on the workpiece, no mechanical deformation, adjustable high-energy laser beam energy and moving speed, to achieve various processing purposes.

8. In laser processing, the laser beam has a very high energy density. Due to local processing, the speed can be maintained at a high speed, and then due to the small heat-affected zone, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small, avoiding the subsequent tedious processing requirements.

Nowadays, my country's laser processing technology has been widely used in many fields. With the deepening of laser processing technology, there will be more and more researches on 3D laser marking machine technology. The 3D laser marking machine is mainly to adapt to the marking of metal products in the new era.



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