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5 Criteria for Choosing Coatings for UV Printers
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5 Criteria for Choosing Coatings for UV Printers

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When choosing a UV flatbed printer, when you go to the UV printer manufacturer to print samples on site, you will often see that a layer of material is applied to the material before printing. The coated material is the coating. The coating is an important consumable and plays a very important role. , Can enhance ink adhesion. Therefore, the quality of the coating is very important. If the choice is not appropriate, the inferior UV flatbed printer coating will cause damage to the machine.

So, how to choose the coating of UV flatbed printer?

1. Adhesion

Adhesion is the key to measuring the coating of UV flatbed printers. If you want to test the adhesion of the coating, you can pass the 100 grid test, and it will not fall off after soaking or boiling.

2. Film transparency

UV flatbed printers have high requirements for appearance, which requires UV coating to be colorless and transparent.

3. Weather resistance

If the printed matter is used outdoors, it must be as bright as new for a long time without fading. This requires the UV coating to resist ultraviolet rays.

4. Product safety

Product safety is also an issue that must be considered when choosing the coating for UV flatbed printers. Solvent-based UV flatbed printer coatings are not only odorous, but also cause safety hazards when improperly stored, and are inconvenient to transport.

5. Leveling

Leveling is a common performance index in coatings, and UV flatbed printer coatings with poor leveling will affect the decorative effect of printed products. More importantly, if the brush marks on the coating surface will not disappear automatically, the uneven coating surface may rub the nozzle of the UV flatbed printer and cause major losses.

Due to the high price of UV flatbed printers, it is best to choose a safer water-based UV coating when choosing a UV coating. If a solvent-based coating must be used, it needs to be stored separately from the UV flatbed printer to eliminate potential safety hazards.



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