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A New Choice of Paint Stripping Technology-laser Paint Stripping Machine
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A New Choice of Paint Stripping Technology-laser Paint Stripping Machine

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uv-laserIn the electronic and electrical industry, it is usually necessary to peel off the paint layer on the outside of the wire (enameled wire) in order to perform the welding of the wire. If the paint is stripped manually, the efficiency is very slow. The laser paint stripping machine can automatically strip the enameled wire to save the time of stripping the enameled wire and improve work efficiency.

The traditional paint stripping methods include paint stripper, alkali liquid paint removal, flame paint removal, and mechanical paint removal methods, all of which have many defects. Laser peeling paint has an advantage that traditional physical paint removal technology can't match. Laser paint removal is to use the principle of laser irradiation to make the paint layer on the surface expand and contract with heat. Coupled with high-strength vibration, the peeled paint layer on the surface is directly shattered. No consumables only use electricity, and environmental protection is convenient and fast.

Laser paint stripping has been widely used in the electronics industry, such as magnetic head coil stripping, circuit inductor coil joint stripping, and various enameled wire The upside-down device of the enameled coil realizes the paint peeling of the upper and lower parts of the enameled wire. However, this method occasionally has the disadvantage that the joints between the upper and lower peeling areas are not clean, and the 100% pass rate cannot be guaranteed, and it is not suitable for the enameled wire stripping in the assembly line operation, because the enameled wire in the assembly line method is Rails or conveyor belts move in translation and are not suitable for turning over enameled coils.

In the treatment of peeling paint on mirror glass, traditional methods include sandblasting, physical cleaning, chemical corrosion, etc. These traditional technical methods have more or less disadvantages and even side effects. The laser peeling paint is very environmentally friendly and is a "green technology". There is no need to use any chemical reagents and medicines, and the resulting environmental pollution and damage are avoided. Moreover, the peeled paint is processed by laser technology, which is easy to handle and store.

Secondly, most of the traditional physical peeling paint technology adopts some contact operations, these operations will produce mechanical force on the mirror surface to a certain extent, and cause certain damage or even damage to the glass mirror surface itself. Furthermore, it is difficult for traditional technology to guarantee product processing in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Unclear patterns and missing characters often occur. Laser peeling paint can avoid these problems.

In order to solve the various problems of the paint peeling process in the prior art, the laser paint peeling machine issued by HATENCNC came into being. Recommended model: UV laser marking machine series

Process advantages:

·Laser paint peeling speed is fast, the light source output is stable, the focus spot is small, and the service life is long.

·The surface of the electroplated layer after laser stripping is clean, without residue, without damaging the substrate, and without serrations and burrs on the edge.

·Using self-owned brand digital high-speed scanning galvanometer to ensure high-efficiency processing speed and production efficiency.

·Small heat-affected area, ultra-fine marking, high definition, stable performance and low power consumption.

It can be used for laser marking and laser peeling of electronic products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, power adapters, electronic digital products, electronic components, smart wearables, etc. Such as smart terminal panel marking, camera glass cover laser peeling paint, smart phone cover laser marking, mirror laser peeling paint and so on.



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