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About the use of HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine
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About the use of HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine

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  Under the normal operation of HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine, the clarity of the printed pictures is still very good. If we want to ensure the daily marking effect, the basic work must be done well. If in the process of using our HANTENCNC marking machine, it is found that the printed pattern is dull, then we must deal with it in time. So what causes the problem of our HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine? Why does such a problem occur?

1. Check temperature and pressure conditionsLaser Marking machine

  The temperature of the HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine should be checked in time. Generally, the pattern is dull and dull. In most cases, it is caused by the low heating temperature and needs to be adjusted in time. If the molding pressure is very low, or drops a little, it will also affect the use of the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that we adjust the power when the HANTENCNC laser marking machine is working at ordinary times, and also consider whether the stability of the temperature is guaranteed, etc., to ensure the normal use of the equipment, and to ensure that there is no problem with the temperature and pressure. , the subsequent use can still reassure us that similar problems will not occur again.

2. Process control is critical

  The same is used for fiber laser marking machines, but because of different process control, the patterns presented will also have certain differences. It is suggested that the confirmation of the process should be done well. The setting of the molding pressure must be comprehensively considered, and the temperature and pressure, as well as the material situation, must be determined. As long as the process adjustment can be done, there is no problem with the setting of the HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine, and the subsequent use will be guaranteed, and we will make the corresponding confirmation in the early stage when using the HANTENCNC marking machine, relatively We can guarantee the printing effect we want, so that we can better avoid some of the problems we have in using the HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine.



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