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Advantages of CCD Visual Positioning Laser Marking Machine
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Advantages of CCD Visual Positioning Laser Marking Machine

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100w laser marking machine

Features of CCD visual positioning laser marking machine

1. Precisely guide the laser marking position. In the field of view of machine vision, it provides all-round (disorderly placement of products, arbitrary placement of angles), any number, and automatic identification and marking of products by the camera, thus eliminating the tedious process of manually correcting the galvanometer;

2. The camera has a large imaging field of view, which is suitable for marking any flat product. It can choose static or flight-guided laser marking to meet the different needs of customers;

3. It can be integrated with laser light paths of various wavelengths such as fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, ultraviolet lasers, etc., and can be controlled by guide rails to realize splicing and marking of large-format products, which is suitable for most products;

4. It can perform recognition (OCR) and barcode and QR code recognition and comparison for the marked characters, and connect to the MES system through the network port or serial communication;

5. Fool-style operation interface + one-key correction function, making the operation easier, clear at a glance, ordinary employees can get started.

The main advantages of CCD visual positioning laser marking machine

1. High degree of automation: one-key automatic calibration, one-key distortion correction, self-adaptive automatic positioning mode, only need a picture frame, you can realize the automatic positioning function, single multiple product marking;

2. High recognition accuracy: The captured target is converted into an image signal through machine vision products, and then transmitted to a dedicated image processing system. According to the pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information, it is converted into a digital signal, and defective products are found by comparison, and the detection accuracy can be Up to micron level;

3. Fast recognition speed: hundreds to thousands of objects can be recognized per minute;

4. Low error rate: it will not be affected by the operator's fatigue, sense of responsibility and experience, and will not change due to the mood of the worker, and the detection results are more accurate and reliable;

5. Low environmental requirements: It can adapt to a wide range of high temperature and low temperature, not afraid of harsh environments, and can be equipped with protective covers, etc.;

6. High stability: non-fatigue, continuous work, free from subjective factors, stable and reliable detection quality.



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