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Advantages of HANTEN UVP Printing Mobile Phone Case
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Advantages of HANTEN UVP Printing Mobile Phone Case

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Now that the pace of life is developing faster and faster, young mobile phone users will pursue fashion and individuality. Under this background, personalized mobile phone case services have been derived. The common method is to use the mobile phone case color printer to print on the mobile phone case. Customize the personalities and beautiful patterns that customers love to show their personal characteristics and styles.

HANTEN UVP uses special ink to print on the phone case, making processing more convenient, without intermediate consumables, and can be directly printed on various phone cases. It is a one-time finished product, waterproof, strong adhesion, bright colors, and realistic effects. No chromatic aberration, no mixed-color waste, clear levels, no need for workers with mature experience and foundation. The perfect pattern can be presented at one time, allowing you to have a gorgeous mobile phone case.

HANTEN UVP mobile phone case UV printer has the following application advantages:

1. The machine is easy to operate and has strong stability:

The color printing process is all controlled by the computer. From order to production, it is not affected by environmental and human factors. The patterns are stored in digital format to ensure the consistency of printing colors. The authenticity rate is high, and multiple color patterns can be printed at one time without the need for alignment.

2. The image is rich in color, clear and lifelike:

It is difficult for traditional screen printing equipment to print more than 10 colors. UV printers are rich in colors and use four-color plus spot color technology to print 16.7 million colors, which greatly expands the design space of design solutions and improves product quality. The products printed by UV printers have fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistic quality, and strong three-dimensionality, and they can also print their own photography and painting patterns.

3. The number of colors and copy length are not limited:

It saves the time and cost of making the screen; the pattern design modification is directly carried out on the computer, and the color can be matched with the Anderson printing software, which saves time and printing materials; and reduces labor costs.



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