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Advantages of HanTenCNC UV laser marking machine for marking on plastic packaging
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Advantages of HanTenCNC UV laser marking machine for marking on plastic packaging

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  UV laser marking machine has the advantages of small focusing spot, low thermal effect and beautiful marking effect. It has important applications in many modern fields of marking work.Today we are going to learn about the advantages of UV laser marking machine for marking on plastic packaging.

  Compared with other industrial materials, plastic packaging materials have the advantages of light weight, good chemical stability, wide distribution of mechanical strength, and good electrical insulation, and are widely used in daily life. Plastic is a material that is easy to cause environmental pollution. The trademarks, barcodes and numbers on the traditional plastic product packaging are generally processed by labeling, printing, hot stamping shrink packaging, or directly on the plastic surface. This working method not only has high consumption cost and low efficiency, but also easily causes serious pollution in the processing process.

  The emergence of the laser marking machine has brought the marking process to a new level of development, and plastic packaging is also included. HANTENCNC UV laser marking machine uses a laser beam to concentrate the large amount of energy contained in plastic products,marking Logo, product parameters, instructions and other information on plastic packaging, It overcomes the problems of high pollution, high energy consumption, high failure and high maintenance brought by the traditional ink printing code, and becomes an indispensable tool in the plastic market processing.

UV laser marking machine application

  HanTenCNC UV laser marking machine is mainly used for marking Chinese characters, numbers, production date, production batch number, LOGO, English, and other anti-counterfeiting signs on plastic packaging.It has an extremely wide range of applications in the packaging industry



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