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Advantages of Handheld Welding Machine
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Advantages of Handheld Welding Machine

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laser welding machineWe often see welders use manual welding equipment with generate sparks, but it is not easy to weld workpieces with beautiful weld seams. They must wear insulated shoes and thick gloves, as well as protective masks. When operating with a heavy welding gun, the welding rod often be attracted.Now, there are more advanced welding equipment-handheld laser welding machine.

What are the advantages of Jinan HantenCNC handheld laser welding machine compared with traditional welding methods?

1. Simple operation: manual welding can be completed without expensive training fees.

2. Fast and efficient, wide processing range: The laser welding machine has concentrated energy, high-efficiency and high-speed welding, smooth and beautiful welding seams, reducing subsequent polishing procedures.

3. Wide range of weldable materials: stainless steel, iron, galvanized, aluminum and other metal materials can be welded.

4. Break through the limitations of workpiece shape and processing environment: small solder joints, small heat-affected zone: no need to set up a soldering station, small space occupation, flexible processing, fast welding speed, movable and long-distance operation, not restricted by environmental space.

5. Low maintenance cost: Jinan HantenCNC handheld laser welding equipment can complete welding operations as long as it is equipped with a portable laser welding head, and the replacement cost of accessories is low. If you don’t know how to replace it, you can directly find the manufacturer to repair it without worrying about transportation. And after-sales cost issues.

6. High cost performance: The manual handheld laser welding machine can not only perform handheld laser welding operations, but also perform high-precision welding and repair of molds through the later erection platform. It is the cost-effective welding production equipment preferred by more small-scale manufacturers.



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