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Application advantages of laser marking on cables
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Application advantages of laser marking on cables

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  With the continuous development and growth of many emerging fields, the demand for cables is gradually increasing, and the cost of inkjet printer consumables used for marking is high. The environment is generally exposed to the air or buried in the ground, so the ink-jet coding marks are often worn and peeled off, making it difficult to continue to function.

  Laser marking technology is a key technology in cable manufacturing,It has the advantages of high precision, fast speed and stable performance. Using laser marking for cable marking has the characteristics of not easy to wear, unchangeable, and no harmful gas, and can be clearly marked. Displaying product specifications, standard certification and other information on the cable not only makes up for the shortcomings of traditional ink jet codes that are easy to fall off and not environmentally friendly, but also prevents product information from being tampered with.

Application of Laser Marking on Cable:

  At present, the laser marking equipment used in cable marking is mainly divided into: carbon dioxide laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, and ultraviolet laser marking machine. Among them, the carbon dioxide laser marking machine and the fiber laser marking machine form discoloration by ablating the surface of the cable, which will damage the surface of the cable and cause smoke.

  Ultraviolet laser belongs to "cold processing", which can break the chemical bonds in materials (especially organic materials) or the surrounding medium, and cause the material to be destroyed by non-thermal process to realize the discoloration reaction. This cold working is of special significance in laser marking processing, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling that breaks chemical bonds without the side effect of "thermal damage", so it does not affect the inner layer and adjacent areas of the machined surface produce heating or thermal deformation and other effects. UV lasers are suitable for a variety of materials, and more and more cables will be marked by UV laser marking machines in the future.



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