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Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine in Shoe Marking
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Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine in Shoe Marking

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co2The application of laser marking machine technology is very extensive, and the development is also very rapid. It only took a few years for the development of laser marking machine from the beginning to the current metal tube. Many industries are using laser marking technology. , The development of laser marking technology has brought a series of laser marking equipment.

Fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, etc., each type of equipment promotes the development of modern technology. Each laser equipment application industry is very extensive. For example, CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine is currently the most widely used model, let's take a look at the application of CO2 laser marking machine in leather shoe processing.

The use of CO2 laser marking machine laser processing shoe upper has greater advantages than ordinary processing

First of all, the laser can engrave and hollow out various exquisite patterns on the surface of various shoe upper materials according to customer needs.

Secondly, the CO2 laser marking machine processing shoe upper has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, good quality, and small deformation, which greatly improves the appearance and brand effect of the shoe upper. The material application range is wide, and almost any shoe upper material can be used. Engraving and laser.

Third, there is no need to open molds and computer to edit graphics, easy to change and not limited by output, which greatly shortens the development cycle of new products and reduces development costs.

Fourth, the laser engraving machine can automatically skip numbers, has strong anti-counterfeiting function, and has exquisite pictures and texts, fine lines, cleaning and abrasion resistance.

Fifth, the thermal deformation is small. The laser beam is thin, fast, and energy concentrated, so the heat transferred to the processed material is small, and the deformation of the shoe upper is also very small.



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