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Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine on Smart Mirror
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Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine on Smart Mirror

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LED MirrorWith the further development of the Internet of Things and intelligent interaction, mirrors are not only used to see their appearance clearly. Through the application of intelligent information technology and laser marking technology, mirrors have more abundant functions. People collectively call this type of smart mirror.

It is reported that the smart mirror embeds the display screen, sensor and operating system in the traditional mirror. You only need to click the button of the mirror to activate the smart mirror and perform corresponding operations, adding mirror display and human-mirror interaction to the mirror. The function of laser marking technology plays a vital role here.

Smart anti-fog, simple, clean, easy to clean and beautiful bathroom smart anti-fog mirror, hotel bathroom bathroom wall mirror is environmentally friendly, light, waterproof, stable flame retardant performance (not deformed by the 6-climate change), and strong coating adhesion (no fading, No bubbles) and other characteristics.

Based on 15 years of industry experience in laser marking machines, Hanteng Laser has independently developed a smart mirror and switch panel laser marking machine based on the application of the smart mirror industry and the needs of manufacturers. The marking is clear, fast, and high in accuracy. Various symbols and patterns are engraved on the flat smart mirror and control switch panel. The marking is clear, fast, and precise, and it can engrave various symbols and patterns on a flat or curved smart mirror.

The advantages of laser marking machine marking smart mirror

1. The laser marking machine has a clear marking effect on the smart mirror and switch panel, and it will never fall off. Compared with traditional methods, laser marking machine processing is very fast and accurate, graphics can be customized arbitrarily by computer programming, and environmentally friendly and healthy consumables are low. Therefore, laser marking has become a new processing method for smart mirrors and switch panels.

2. Hanteng Laser chooses domestic first-line brand fiber laser as the driving source, superior beam quality, fine spot characteristics, more stable power output, can provide higher single pulse energy, effectively improve the efficiency of laser output, and engrave mirror patterns The speed is faster, the labor cost is greatly reduced, and the efficiency is improved.



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