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Application of Laser Cleaning in Industrial Field
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Application of Laser Cleaning in Industrial Field

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  HANTENCNC laser cleaning machine has long life, high efficiency, environmental protection, low energy consumption and almost no maintenance cost. At present, laser cleaning has been widely used in various industrial fields, such as mold cleaning, pretreatment of parts bonding, paint stripping and coating oxidation Removal of objects, restoration of ancient cultural relics, etc.

Application of Laser Cleaning

1. Laser-cleaned tire molds, casting molds, injection molds, whether EPDM or natural rubber, can effectively remove mold release agents, production residues and pollutants without damaging the mold substrate. After thousands of cleaning cycles, the laser cleaning process does not cause mechanical damage or surface wear that reduces the life of the mold.

2. Laser cleaning can remove all coatings on the substrate at one time, and can also selectively remove layer by layer. The handheld and portable design can more accurately control the directional removal of designated areas. Laser cleaning is widely used in ships, bridges, transmission towers and aerospace parts.

3. Laser cleaning has the technology needed to prepare the surface before applying the coating, and can remove almost all kinds of impurities from the metal surface, including oxides, grease, oil stains, chlorides and many other organic and inorganic residues. Laser-cleaned surfaces are completely clean, requiring no cleaning or disposal of secondary contaminants.

4. Laser cleaning removes lubricants, black and non-ferrous metal impurities on the metal, so that the welding and brazing seams are of high quality, smooth and void-free, and visible welds with the best stability and quality are obtained. It is suitable for cleaning steel and aluminum surfaces, as a pretreatment of welding surfaces, and is used in industries including the automotive industry, precision tool production, and shipbuilding.

5. Laser cleaning technology In the process of cooperation with the aviation industry, it has been proved that laser can efficiently clean nickel, stainless steel, aluminum and high-strength steel molds or parts without damage to the substrate.

6. Laser cleaning technology can quickly and efficiently clean and remove soil from sandstone, marble, granite, terracotta and concrete without causing physical damage or damage to the building surface. Lasers can finely clean colored or pigmented surfaces, removing accumulated soot and unsightly dirt to restore their original beauty. Extremely precise adjustment of laser power (0-100%) and intensity within the system provides a unique tool for the restoration of cultural relics.

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