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Application of Laser Cleaning in Shipbuilding Industry
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Application of Laser Cleaning in Shipbuilding Industry

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Laser Cleaning Machine

Ships are vehicles that can navigate or berth in waters for transportation or operations, and have different technical performance, equipment, and structural types according to different usage requirements.

In the course of nautical transportation, due to the long-term erosion of high temperature, high humidity, high salt and sea water on the hull, it needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance, and the overall surface of the hull is depainted and painted twice.

The traditional paint removal process uses sandblasting or high-pressure water guns to use high-speed moving fine sand or water to collide with the surface of the hull, thereby peeling off the paint layer.

The sandblasting process requires a large amount of fine sand as a cleaning medium. During the cleaning process, a large amount of smoke and dust will also be generated, causing serious air pollution; the high-pressure water gun needs water as the cleaning medium. Since the cleaned water is mixed with a large amount of epoxy paint and organic silicon debris, it cannot be directly discharged. A supporting water treatment system is required to post-process the water, otherwise it will cause serious problems--water pollution.

In order to protect the environment, many countries require green recognition for ships built and repaired in accordance with the three major indicators of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and working environment. Many countries require the mandatory termination of traditional, high-energy, high-pollution production processes. Major companies in the shipbuilding industry are actively seeking new, efficient and clean cleaning processes and methods to solve industry problems under the requirements of the new environmental assessment standards.

Laser cleaning technology is a non-contact, high-efficiency, and loss-free cleaning method. It uses laser as the cleaning medium and consumes only electric energy during the cleaning process. Using the high energy characteristics of laser, it can instantly vaporize and evaporate the material to be removed. At the same time, it is accompanied by high-pressure, ultrasonic and resonance mechanisms, and does not produce any new substances during the cleaning process. The high-flow dust removal device can effectively collect the generated smoke and dust, does not produce toxic gases and noise, and is harmless to the human body and the environment. Laser cleaning technology is considered to be a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly new process and new method, and is gradually recognized by the industry.

The advantages of laser cleaning technology will undoubtedly be a very effective solution for the shipbuilding industry under the current environmental protection and high pressure situation.



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