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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Eedical Quipment Industry
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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Eedical Quipment Industry

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LASER CUTTINGLike almost all industries in the world, equipment and products are getting smaller and more complex, and their production speed is faster than ever. Innovation and changes in concepts require changes in the production process. Laser cutting is one of such changes and has brought many substantial benefits.

Application range:

♦ Manufacturing medical equipment

One of the most important uses is to manufacture medical equipment. One example is cutting high-end stents, which are used in devices such as birth control or pain control of kidney stones.

♦ Precision tube cutting

Laser cutting can cut precision tubes; this is a very popular product in the medical industry.

♦ Laser surgery

Lasers can cut skin and human tissues, which can be cut very quickly, cleanly and accurately, without causing thermal damage to the surrounding area.

Laser surgery is a better alternative to traditional methods such as scalpels, and you will also find that lasers are often used in procedures such as eye surgery.

♦ Other uses

Used to manufacture vascular clips, valve frames, bone reamers, honing heads and flexible shafts.

Advantages of laser equipment in medical equipment:

The laser cutting machine can cut very precisely, which means that the medical equipment can be smaller; the laser cutting machine uses low power and saves costs; the laser cutting machine cuts many types of materials, including metals, plastics, etc.;

The laser cutting machine can achieve excellent edge quality for metal and plastic materials processing, so that the laser cutting machine can be excellently applied to the heart, brain and eye stents, catheters, heart valves and polymer tubes. Therefore, it can bring a lot of convenience to the medical industry.



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