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Application of Laser Cutting Machine on Packaging Materials
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Application of Laser Cutting Machine on Packaging Materials

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Packaging materials are often specially designed and constructed for food packaging in order to keep the products fresh by blocking moisture, oxygen and even light. However, for consumers, strong, well-sealed packaging may also be difficult to open. Therefore, sometimes packaging manufacturers use laser cutting machines to mark or punch the packaging to make them easier to open. For a large number of ice cream cone manufacturers, laser cutting machines have now become indispensable for high-speed precision packaging and punching.

In this special application of food packaging, the cone filled with ice cream is packaged in a material made of 70-80 micron thick paper, one side of which is coated with a layer of about 20 microns Thick aluminum film. In order to facilitate the opening of this package, the manufacturer uses a laser cutting machine to perforate the paper layer while leaving the aluminum layer completely untouched. It is necessary to retain the aluminum layer, which can maintain the mechanical stability of the packaging while avoiding the packaging function of isolating moisture and oxygen from being compromised.

When a large-scale dessert packaging manufacturer first developed the laser cutting machine punching process, it clearly stated that any new method should cater to several important standards. First of all, the speed must be fast and the structure must be simple. The punching process must be integrated with the existing production line. In this existing production line, the packaging boxes are transported through the conveyor belt at a rate of 3 per second. Second, the punching process should add very little unit cost to the product. Finally, this new process cannot discolor the paper or cause obvious crumbs, as this can cause consumers to have a negative perception of the food. The packaging manufacturer immediately understood that none of the existing mechanical methods could meet all these constraints. In particular, no traditional paper cutting tool can accomplish this level of accuracy on a high-speed conveyor belt. So the company turned to laser cutting machines to find a solution.

The packaging perforation system developed from the laser cutting machine system closely matches a GEM-100 from Coherent Company with focusing optics and a two-dimensional galvanometer scanning system. GEM-100 is a continuous laser with an output power of 100W. At the same time, it is pulse width adjustable. The pulse width modulation of 60%~80% duty cycle is to create a dotted line on the product instead of a continuous solid line. . In the processing link, the paper is a flat triangle. The laser cutting machine produces a smooth curve with two additional "auxiliary lines" at the end of each line (to help start the tear at the precise and correct point). After the paper is rolled into the final cone shape and glued together, the curve formed by this perforation becomes a straight line.

The speed of the continuous conveyor belt is about 1 m/s and remains constant. The scanner will compensate for this movement and cut while the product is moving. Since the laser power is fixed (only the duty cycle of the laser changes, and the peak power is constant), the scanning speed is the only variable. If the cut is too deep or too shallow, the scanning speed can be changed to re-optimize the process.

As a conclusion, laser drilling has enabled packaging manufacturers to enhance the consumer experience of their products, while not substantially increasing production costs. It would be impractical to use a non-laser method to achieve this process. Only CO2 lasers can achieve this necessary combination: output characteristics, physical characteristics, and the full cost of making the application successful.



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