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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Maternal and Infant Industry
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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Maternal and Infant Industry

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Due to the particularity of the maternal and infant products industry, people have high requirements for the quality and safety of maternal and infant products. This is also the biggest demand of many families when purchasing maternal and infant products. While ensuring product quality, major manufacturers of maternal and infant products also need to pay special attention to product labeling. With the characteristics of high precision and no pollution, laser marking machines have become the darling of marking products for women and children.

1. Laser marking on milk powder cans

Major infant milk powder manufacturers can use laser marking machines on the electronic monitoring production line of milk powder cans. Laser marking machine coding is suitable for various materials, enterprise-level coding or two-layer coding, laser identification belongs to permanent identification, compared with traditional ink printing code, it is characterized by high precision, fast efficiency, non-replaceable, scratch, And environmental protection, no pollution, no consumables.

2. Laser marking of bottle scale

According to safety standards, baby bottles newly issued by the China Toys and Baby Products Association must be marked with a scale, and the minimum size should not be greater than 60ml. If there are serious deviations in the volume scale of children's feeding bottles, infants may drink high or low concentrations of milk for a long time, affecting their normal development.

3. "One pack, one size" for baby diapers

The traditional promotion method of diapers is generally "buy one get one free, full price reduction", the labor and material costs are high, and the intermediate links are prone to errors. Goods management is difficult, data recording is difficult, and goods circulation is easy, which is a headache for enterprises. The use of laser marking machine is a good solution to this problem.



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