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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry
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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry

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laser markerThe application of laser processing has been developed and applied to our production and manufacturing very early. In our common mobile phone manufacturing industry, its electronic components and overall supporting products are widely used in laser technology. It is an industrial manufacturing technology. The new breakthrough is a new type of non-contact processing, no chemical pollution, no wear and new marking processing technology mode. In recent years, with the increasing application of laser technology, it has been effectively combined with computer science and technology, thus breaking through another milestone in the development of laser processing.

70% of the mobile phone processing and manufacturing links are applied to laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment. Especially in recent years, the development of high-power, high-energy ultraviolet marking machines, deep ultraviolet and ultrafast laser processing technology has promoted the development of smart phone manufacturing technology. This is related to the nature of laser technology and the nature of precision manufacturing of mobile phones.

Our common laser processing technology is used in mobile phones with laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling and other methods.

1. Laser marking

Laser marking is to print various symbols, characters, patterns, etc., with extremely fine spots, and the size of the spot can be in the order of microns. It has a deeper meaning for micro-processing or anti-counterfeiting.

It is a very common equipment in the laser industry. Its price is cheap, the processing speed is fast, and the marking quality is good. It is widely used. In the field of mobile phones, the Shanghai laser cutting machine is mainly applied to the surface of the logo mark, text mark, and The internal electronic components, circuit board logo, text mark, the following first lists the laser marking applications for the appearance of mobile phones.

2. Laser welding

The welding process is mainly used in the welding of the back panel of the mobile phone, using a high-energy laser beam to melt and solidify the surface of the material into a whole. The size of the heat-affected area, the beauty of the weld seam, and the welding efficiency, etc., Shanghai laser cutting machine is an important indicator for judging the quality of the welding process.

3. Laser cutting

The laser cutting technology in the mobile phone shell is mainly the cutting of the shell and the cutting of the screen glass. The laser cutting technology in the screen cutting is more used, and many companies on the shell use one-off molding technology and machining technology.

4. Laser drilling

Laser perforation is a relatively high-end application. Mobile phone manufacturers require fast speed, good quality, and low cost. The laser focused spot can be focused on the order of a wavelength, and high energy can be concentrated in a small area. and its processing and manufacturing technology can be regarded as one of the most difficult production and manufacturing technologies.



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