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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Wine Industry
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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Wine Industry

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The laser marking machine has an extremely thin beam, which can form thin line traces on the surface of the material, and the line width can reach 0.1 mm. The marking lines are clear, long-lasting and beautiful. The marking content engraved by laser marking technology has strong anti-counterfeiting property to a certain extent, and the marking content is irreversible. Persistence: Changes in the environment (touch, acidic and alkaline gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.) will not make the marking mark fade. Using it on products that require anti-counterfeiting features is more likely to make consumers feel more trustworthy. For the highly competitive wine industry, this is undoubtedly not a favorable processing method. Many people have transitioned from the early traditional ink jet coding or labeling method to laser coding to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting performance of their own brands and increase the added value of products. At the same time, it can also enhance the corporate image. The anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling effect is very good, and the integration with the product QR code traceability system is the most effective and advanced way, which solves the stubborn problem of counterfeiting and smuggling in the wine industry.


The characteristics of wine product packaging on the market:

1. Liquor liquid packaging mainly includes ceramics, glass, glass spray paint, and metal tanks. The packaging of wine is diverse, different in size and shape, and the difference is very large;


2. The wine bottle caps are made of plastic, glass crystal, aluminum oxide or paint, plastic electroplating, tinplate, single-layer, multi-layer wrapping, inner and outer caps, etc., especially the caps of Moutai and Wuliangye. The material is very special, the structure is also very unique, and it is very anti-forgery and anti-destructive;


3. There are many kinds of wine boxes, such as gold card and silver cardboard boxes, etc., color-printed and coated wine boxes, color-printed wine boxes, transparent plastic wine boxes, tin wine boxes, wooden wine boxes, etc. on various cartons;


4. Most of the wine boxes are corrugated kraft paper boxes, as well as hard cardboard color-printed cartons;


According to the characteristics of wine bottles, bottle caps, wine boxes and wine boxes, the following laser marking machines are recommended:

1. The wine industry generally uses a 30-watt CO2 laser marking machine in the packaging production line to print the production date, batch number, product traceability ID code, Area code, etc.; the coding content is generally 1 to 3 rows. It can also be used to print Chinese characters for regional anti-smuggling code or special customized wine; it is mostly used for marking on the bottle body of white wine and red wine products. The 30-watt CO2 laser marking machine can also be used for marking on red wine stoppers and red wine caps. The 30-watt CO2 laser marking machine is the most common application. The CO2 laser marking machine adopts the thermal processing marking method, relying on the thermal effect of CO2 to form a certain score on the surface of non-metal packaging materials, wine bottles, bottle caps, Wine boxes and wine boxes are mainly made of non-metallic materials, and the materials have a certain thickness. It is easy to form obvious marks when laser marking, and the friction during the cargo handling process cannot destroy the marking. The thermal effect of the laser will not affect the quality of the items in the package during laser marking.


2. Generally, a 60-watt CO2 laser marking machine can be used for ceramic bottles; the production line speed can reach more than 10,000 bottles/hour. The 60-watt CO2 laser marking machine can also directly mark the glass bottle body; laser printing the large characters of 4~10CM with double-line font on the packaging box needs to be completed with a 60-100-watt high-speed CO2 laser marking machine.


3. Special laser equipment marking machine should be used for special packaging materials. For example, transparent glass bottles can use laser internal engraving marking machine to engrave the marking content in the middle of the thickness of the bottle wall of the transparent glass bottle, and the laser code will not damage the inner wall. , At the same time, there is no tactile trace on the surface, and it can be used for special customization. The pattern can be edited arbitrarily, as long as it meets the requirements of the marking range. The special laser marking equipment has no smoke, dust, powder and odor during coding, no pollution to the environment, and no harm to human safety.


4. The QR code is marked on the inside of the plastic bottle cap. The laser equipment usually used is an ultraviolet laser marking machine, because the traces formed by the ultraviolet laser effect on the plastic material have no touch, do not damage the surface of the material, and can only form a gray with a certain contrast. Or the traces of charcoal gray, can be clearly identified. Equipment with different power according to different speeds is usually standard with a 5-watt UV laser marking machine. Some white plastic caps cannot be marked with CO2, there is no color engraved on them, and the recognition is not high. When the fiber laser marking machine is marked, the absorbance is not enough, and it will form an explosion point, which cannot achieve the effect. This kind of plastic bottle cap generally needs to be equipped with an ultraviolet laser marking machine.


5. Wooden box packaging basically uses imported CO2 laser equipment of 50 watts or domestic CO2 laser equipment of more than 60 watts for laser marking, because most of the markings have a large range and can only be processed in a static marking method combining man-machine. The wooden box laser marking machine also needs to use special optical devices for the hardware configuration of the equipment, otherwise the fineness of the lines marked by the laser equipment cannot be achieved.


6. The application of optical fiber marking machine in the wine industry is mainly based on metal bottle caps, tinplate caps and metal cans. The working principle of the optical fiber laser marking machine is mainly to remove the coating on the metal surface. It is usually recommended to use a fiber laser marking machine above 30W.


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