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Application of Laser Marking Machine on Keyboard
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Application of Laser Marking Machine on Keyboard

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plasticNowadays, the laser marking machine industry is developing rapidly. It is used in various industries, and electronic products are one of them.

I believe everyone is familiar with keyboards. Every computer, whether it is a laptop or a desktop computer, except for the current tablet, has a keyboard, and most of our text information is entered into the computer through the keyboard, on the computer keyboard.

Each key position uses corresponding key position letters, symbols and other information. Some of these letters or symbols are printed, some are laser engraved, and these two processing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of the printing method is that the characters or symbols on the keys can be printed in colored colors, such as white, black, or red, or two colors can be printed on a key. For example, function keys generally have two different functions. It can be printed in two different colors, and it looks more beautiful, but the disadvantage of this production method is that the printed letters or symbols are easy to fall off, because we use these keyboards every day, and we are in touch every day, especially the keys that we often use for typing with our fingers. , Have you noticed that after a period of time, the letters or symbols on the above are slowly worn off, and some keys become shiny keys, and there are no symbols on them.

Another way to process alphabetic symbols on the keys is laser marking and engraving. The laser engraving manufacturers add symbols and letters in this way, because the laser engraves a certain depth on the material, so the key is The letter symbols on will not drop for a long time and can be displayed on the keys.

However, this processing method also has a disadvantage that the letters or symbols on the keys of the laser engraved keyboard can only be of one color, because the laser engraving on a certain material, the material will change color accordingly, forming a contrast with the material, but The color of laser engraving on the same material is basically the same, and the color cannot be laser engraved. And if you want color, you can choose a UV marking machine or a UV printer, which are also two of our HANTEN CNC's many hot-selling products.

Therefore, if you are interested in laser marking, you can contact our customer service, which is online 24 hours a day, to solve related problems in t



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