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Application of Laser Marking Technology in Mobile Phone Camera Module Industry
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Application of Laser Marking Technology in Mobile Phone Camera Module Industry

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The application of laser marking technology in the mobile phone camera module industry: mobile phones are indispensable tools in life, such as communication and photography. Often, phone makers use camera functionality as an important selling point, which shows the importance of camera functionality in the market.

The camera module is the core component of all types of cameras. With the explosion of smartphones, shipments of mobile phone camera modules are also growing rapidly. Obviously, the use of mobile phone camera modules has stabilized the number one shipment of camera modules in the industry.

As the requirements for the use of smart phones are getting higher and higher, the requirements for the functions of the camera of the mobile phone are also higher and higher, which also puts forward higher requirements for the functions of the camera module. The importance of source of supply, production quality control and brand protection is increasingly prominent.

With the increase in demand for mobile phone camera modules, manufacturers want to ensure production quality on the premise of ensuring a large number of stable shipments, and at the same time can monitor production batches, production suppliers, production quality control, and finally form a promotional company's brand image needs A new process - the application of laser marking machines.

In the early stages of production, by marking each camera module with a clearly readable QR code using a laser marking machine, unique QR code information can be marked for each camera module and passed on to the next process, which The process is controlled by smart cameras, and the association with the internal system can effectively realize the query of production suppliers and control the problems generated in the production process.

Importantly, such information can be retained after shipment so that customers can understand product details, understand important issues such as production batches and production dates, and also include company product information, which can protect the product. and branding.

The coding and QR code laser marking machine developed by HanTen Laser has a short marking time. After the marker was magnified one hundred times, there was no explosion point under the electron microscope.

Laser marking is non-contact marking which saves energy. Compared with the corrosion method, chemical pollution is avoided. It also reduces noise pollution compared to mechanical markers.



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