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Application of Laser Rust Remover on Steel Rail
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Application of Laser Rust Remover on Steel Rail

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The rails are exposed to the air for many years, and rust will inevitably appear under the wind, sun and rain for many years. This kind of rail is not all iron elements, the rail is made of high manganese steel. On the upper part of the rail, that is, the layer in contact with the wheels, another metal, indium, is added. Its addition makes the upper part of the rail more tough while ensuring the hardness. The wheel is very important. When it contacts or collides with the "wheel tyre", it will have a certain degree of elasticity, which ensures the safe operation of the train. Secondly, the staff will often maintain the rail, so it will not be very rusty. Moreover, there are often rails on which trains go, and the upper surface is not rusty! The rails of trains have to withstand very heavy weight and friction during trains. Rails made of high-manganese steel have exactly this purpose, although it takes a long time. It will rust, but these rust marks can better protect the rail from external influences.


The laser rust remover can solve the problem of rail rust removal. The principle of laser rust removal is to use high-frequency and high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece. The coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy to make the surface oily, rusty or The coating evaporates or peels off instantaneously, which can effectively remove surface attachments or surface coatings at high speed. The laser pulse with a short action time will not damage the metal substrate under appropriate parameters.

Laser rust removal is a new technology that is different from the traditional cleaning process in the past. It has attracted more and more attention because of its green energy saving and environmental protection. It has a very important application prospect in the rail transit industry. A laser cleaning 100W equipment can be used to clean the rust on the rail.


Rail derusting 


A new type of cleaning method developed in recent years during laser rust removal. The laser derusting machine is suitable for the operator to work alone. The cleaning cost is low, environmentally friendly, and efficient. The cleaning quality is good and does not damage the rail substrate. It can be easily towed with one hand or completed automatically by remote control. These advantages are the existing cleaning methods. Irreplaceable, laser rust removal will 



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