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Application of Laser Technology in Apparel Industry
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Application of Laser Technology in Apparel Industry

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laserThe clothing industry supports one of the four fundamental needs of human beings for "food, clothing, shelter, transportation", and the size of its market is unquestionable. China is also the most populous country in the world, and daily clothing itself is the necessities of life, it has formed the world's largest consumer market, and it has also cultivated the super-large industry of textiles and clothing. According to forecasts by relevant organizations in the apparel industry, by 2020, China's women's clothing market alone is expected to exceed the trillion mark.

The advantages highlight the wide application of laser equipment

Since the birth of the laser, it has been hailed as the "fastest knife" and "the most accurate ruler". As far as the clothing industry is concerned, since it is necessary to tailor clothes, how can such a good tool be used without it?

At present, laser equipment has been widely penetrated in the clothing industry, and many traditional processing equipment have been banned, which is also profoundly promoting the transformation and upgrading of the entire clothing industry.

Laser marking is the most common form of processing in garment processing

Many of the exquisite patterns we usually see on clothing are made by laser marking. Traditional textile fabrics need to go through cumbersome processing procedures such as grinding, hot embossing, and embossing. The operation is difficult, the process is cumbersome, and the production cycle is very long. After adopting the laser marking machine, the cumbersome process is no longer needed, the production is convenient and fast, the pattern change is flexible, the produced image is clearer, the three-dimensional effect is stronger, and the natural attributes of the fabric can be better displayed.

CO2 laser marking machine

The latest laser marking machine launched by Hanteng Laser is a clothing processing equipment using CO2 laser as the light source. The equipment is mainly used in denim, leather and other textile fabrics. With this kind of processing, exquisite and meticulous patterns are produced, combined with the layered and delicate hollow effect, the clothing becomes more fashionable and the sense of quality is stronger.

Now, many denim manufacturers have begun to adopt a laser engraving system, which introduces digital processing methods, avoiding the difficulties of traditional processing, complicated processes, waste of raw materials, and pollution. The processing efficiency has reached 10 times that of traditional processing. , And get a better processing effect.

Because the laser has a high degree of focusing, a thin irradiated spot, and a small thermal diffusion zone, it is very suitable for cutting textile fiber fabrics. It can realize rapid processing and save materials than traditional methods. Fine cutting by laser, the cut is smooth and free of burrs, and the quality has been greatly improved.



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