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Application of Laser Welding in Sheet Metal Manufacturing
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Application of Laser Welding in Sheet Metal Manufacturing

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laser welderModern sheet metal manufacturing has higher and higher requirements for quality such as welding strength and appearance effects, especially components with high added value and extremely high welding quality requirements, which can be completed without subsequent processing or with minimal subsequent processing. However, traditional welding methods will inevitably cause problems such as distortion and deformation of the workpiece due to the extreme heat input. In order to compensate for the problem of workpiece deformation, a large number of subsequent processing methods are required, which leads to an increase in cost. The laser welding has the smallest heat input, so it brings a very small heat-affected zone, which significantly improves the quality of the welded product and reduces the time for subsequent work. In addition, due to the fast welding speed and large welding aspect ratio, welding efficiency and stability can be greatly improved. Therefore, the application of laser welding in sheet metal manufacturing is becoming more and more common.

In modern sheet metal manufacturing, different products have different requirements for welding strength and appearance effects. For example, the appearance parts of elevators, kitchen utensils, and food equipment require very beautiful, smooth, and non-deformed welding effects. However, some internal structural parts or parts that need to be sprayed subsequently have higher requirements for welding strength and welding speed. And this can precisely reflect the advantages of laser welding, because laser welding can not only achieve beautiful heat conduction welding of the weld seam, but also achieve high welding strength and high welding speed deep penetration welding. In response to the needs of the industry, Han Teng Laser launched a high cost-effective platform automatic laser welding machine with CCD.



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