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Application of Marking Machine in Jewelry Industry
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Application of Marking Machine in Jewelry Industry

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The laser marking machine uses a high-energy laser beam to evaporate the surface layer of the substance, exposing the deep layer of the substance, causing it to undergo chemical and physical changes, and then etch the required pictures and characters to form a permanent mark, and the content is not restricted. Characters and logos can all be identified.

However, there are many equipment that can mark pictures. Why do you choose to use a laser marking machine? The reason is that the laser marking machine has high precision, and the pictures and texts are more exquisite. The jewelry profession belongs to the exquisite jewelry profession, which definitely needs high-precision equipment for fine processing. Now many people like to work in jewelry The engraving above may engrave other delicate pictures, which can be easily completed by a laser marking machine, and will not damage the jewelry.


Where are the advantages of laser marking machine?

The beam quality of the laser marking machine is good, it is the output of the fundamental mode (TEMOO), and the concentrated spot diameter is less than 20, which is especially suitable for precision and fine marking.

High efficiency and low cost. The photoelectric conversion rate of the laser marking machine is as high as 30%, and the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 500W, which can greatly save energy consumption.

The all-in-one design adopted by the equipment is small in size and does not occupy a local area. It can work normally in harsh environments such as impact, sensation, high temperature or dust.

The service life of the laser marking machine is long, and the service life of the laser can be as long as 100,000 hours.

No protection, the laser does not need any protection, and there is no need to adjust or clean the lens.

The processing speed is fast, and the processing speed of the laser marking machine is several times that of the traditional processing method.

The applicability of laser marking machine is very wide, such as: electronic components, electrical appliances, electrical communications, pneumatic accessories, precision hardware, gift jewelry, medical equipment, glasses, wall clocks, instruments and sanitary ware, etc. For processing and marking.

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