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Application of UV Marking Machine
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Application of UV Marking Machine

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uv laser marking machine for plastic

The power bank is a portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions. It can charge mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital devices anytime and anywhere. Generally, lithium batteries (or dry batteries, less common) are used as power storage units, which are convenient and quick to use. Most of the shells of these power banks are made of aluminum alloy and plastic products. 

Can UV Laser Marking Machine Mark Plastic Mobile Power Supply?

Of Course,Plastic power banks can be marked and processed with a laser marking machine.Traditional silk screen printing technology engraved patterns and text information accuracy is low, the graphics are easy to fade and fall off, which reduces the user experience and causes the company's brand image to decline. Many manufacturers are focusing on adopting a new marking technology-laser marking technology.

A 355nm laser is used as the light source. Compared with infrared lasers such as fiber laser marking machines and carbon dioxide laser marking machines, ultraviolet lasers have shorter wavelengths and higher photon energy. On the one hand, the 355nm wavelength is small because of its small focus, so it can be used for fine marking and special material marking. It has the advantages of fast marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance of the whole machine, and low power consumption.

Some mobile power sources on the market have worked hard on the shell. Manufacturers no longer just put their own logo information on the shell of the mobile power supply, but also mark some interesting patterns and texts to increase consumers' desire to buy. The basic principle of the laser marking machine is that the laser generator generates a high-energy continuous laser beam, and the focused laser acts on the printing material to instantly melt or even vaporize the surface material. By controlling the path of the laser on the surface of the material, Form the required graphic marks.

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