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Application of UV Printer in Decoration Industry
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Application of UV Printer in Decoration Industry

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uvpIn recent years, the domestic uv flatbed printer industry is a relatively hot industry, and it has gradually become the first choice for most young people to start a business. Uv printers have become more and more popular in recent years. They have not only been widely used in the personalized digital industry and advertising industry, but also have better applications in the home improvement industry. HANTEN CNC seized this opportunity and launched HANTEN UVP. The exquisite ceramic tiles, ceilings, glass, cabinets and other personalized decoration decorations processed by uv printers have been loved by customers and become more and more customers in the decoration industry. widely used.

With the improvement of living standards, people's taste for decoration is gradually improving, which requires continuous innovation and development of the decoration industry. At present, the uv printer has become a widely used equipment in the decoration industry, whether it is a cabinet. Wallpaper, glass, ceramic tiles, suspended ceilings, background walls, etc. can be used to color print any color patterns and 3D relief patterns on the surface of the uv printer, and the printed patterns have strong visual accuracy, beautiful appearance, and greatly improve the value of the product .

The Advantages of HanTen UVP

The decorative materials printed with HANTEN UVP not only have high screen accuracy, but also have high speed. What you see is what you get, and the finished product is the finished product, which is beyond the reach of the traditional printing industry. HANTEN UVP's products are excellent in environmental protection, usability, characteristics, etc., can be used to different types of houses, and use a larger area, so they can be favored by more and more customers.



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