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Application of fiber laser marking machine to diamond ring bracelet
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Application of fiber laser marking machine to diamond ring bracelet

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  Jinan HanTenCNC laser marking machine has become a classic choice for lovers to engrave diamond rings and cast unique love. Nowadays, many jewelry stores have launched ring and jewelry lettering services to meet everyone's needs, and personal customization has become the first choice. Every couple hopes that their love can be beautiful and eternal, and they use endless means to witness the beautiful memories of love. The engraving on the ring has become a classic and fashion nowadays. The unique and personalized ring will better represent each other's love commitment and show the eternity and uniqueness of love.

Requirements for Laser Marking Rings:

  Not all rings are suitable for laser marking to leave testimony and marks of love. First of all, many things such as the material of the ring, the content of the engraving, the way of marking, etc. must be considered. First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the width of the shank of the ring is suitable for engraving. If the width is less than 3 mm, the engraved text will be relatively small, which will not be conducive to clear identification. The content of the ring marking is particularly important. The text engraved on the wedding diamond ring will accompany you for a lifetime like the ring. Like each other's name or wedding date, of course, there are also some more personalized lettering, passwords, special numbers or nicknames, poems, etc., which make your ring unique. Of course, you need to communicate with your lover well before lettering, in order to choose a content that best suits each other's personality. Nowadays, the new laser marking process helps to achieve the perfect personalized diamond ring lettering.

  HanTenCNC laser marking machine will choose different marking methods according to the material of the ring. In the past, we preferred to choose a skilled master to engrave the ring by hand; but if it is hard metal such as platinum and platinum, it is difficult to apply this method, and the advanced marking method of fiber laser marking is more suitable for this Metal-like material. After years of R&D, creation and stable development, the laser fiber laser marking machine has fine and dexterous marking, convenient and fast operation, and is widely used in electronics, watches, eye jewelry, medical equipment and other industries, and has become the best marking and engraving for high-precision professional users choose.

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