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Are laser cleaning consumables expensive?
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Are laser cleaning consumables expensive?

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  Laser cleaning is a new type of industrial cleaning method developed around 2017. In the past two years, in the automotive mold industry, the tire mold industry has developed rapidly, and the rust on the surface of the material can be removed without damaging the mold. matrix. paint, carbon deposits, etc.

  By contrast, we will illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of laser cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

1. Derusting with high pressure water

Ultra-high pressure washers add ordinary water through a high-pressure oil pump and a booster.Press to the ultra-high pressure of 170-250MPa, and then quickly pass through the nozzle squirting. Water jets create highly concentrated energy at speeds approaching the speed of sound 3 times. Tap and sand the cleaned metal surface like a water arrow.Rust layer, scaling, etc. are mostly layered or porous distribution, once the scaling layer Penetration, a wedge-shaped ultra-high pressure water jet enters the oxide skin layer and metal surface between. When the impact energy and the wedge splitting force are greater than the bonding force between the oxide skin layer and the base metal ,When the ultimate strength is reached, the rust and scale layers are removed.

  High-pressure water cleaning requires a lot of water resources and is very harmful to the environment. The cost is relatively high.

2. Dry ice rust removal

Dry ice rust removal

The advantages of dry ice blasting are mainly compared to traditional chemical cleaning agents. Most of its advantages we know:

1 The cleaning process does not use chemicals and does not pollute the environment.

2 Compared with the cleaning agent, the dry ice cold spray cleaning effect is more thorough and the cleaning is cleaner. And will not cause damage to the material.

3 No downtime, no need to disassemble and assemble equipment, can be cleaned online, which can reduce downtime compared with chemical cleaning agents.

4 It is easy to operate and use, and the process link is simple, which can realize automatic operation and reduce labor costs.

  Also, the disadvantage of dry ice blasting is that the cost is very high, especially in the later stages of use, when the demand for dry ice is high. In addition, dry ice blasting is also harmful to humans. When the volume fraction of carbon dioxide in the air is 1%, people will feel dizzy and palpitations; when it is 4%-5%, people will feel dizzy. When it exceeds 6%, the person will lose consciousness, gradually stop breathing and lead to death. Therefore, blast cleaning workers must wear CO2 detectors and use light or even heavy duty respirators based on the amount of dust or CO2 concentration produced.

3. Laser cleaning

  Are laser cleaning consumables expensive? This is an obvious question. For a laser cleaning machine, the only consumable is electricity, which is negligible for long-term use.

As an emerging industrial cleaning method, laser cleaning is superior to dry ice cleaning in the advantages of dry ice cleaning, makes up for the shortcomings of dry ice cleaning, and has a wider range of applications. It can be said that it is an upgraded and enhanced version of dry ice cleaning, the best alternative version.

Laser cleaning uses photoablation to cause contaminants to be heated by laser energy and evaporate immediately or by sublimation.

As a new technology to replace traditional cleaning, laser has incomparable advantages over traditional methods:

  No need to use any chemicals and cleaning liquid; no photochemical reaction, no noise, no environmental pollution; no mechanical stress, zero loss of precision instruments; no damage to the health of operators, easy to achieve automatic control, remote remote cleaning.

  To sum up, as a new cleaning method, laser cleaning is slightly higher than water rust removal at one time, but lower than dry ice rust removal. If post-processing consumables are included, the advantages of laser cleaning are huge.



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