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Basic Knowledge of Laser Marking Machine
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Basic Knowledge of Laser Marking Machine

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Laser Marking MarkingEveryone is welcome to participate in the class of laser marking machine.After focusing on me for many days, you may have considered buying a marking machine immediately. Today, I will take you to learn some basic knowledge of laser marking machine. I believe it can help you choose the marking machine that suits you.

What is a laser marking machine?

First of all, you need to know what a marking machine is. It works by using a laser beam to permanently mark the surface of various objects.

According to the different types of lasers,The most widely used marking machines are divided into three types: fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine. We must compare and select the machine type according to our different needs.

Fiber laser marking machines are usually used for metal marking. Its wavelength is 1064NM, which can well complete the marking of metal materials. For some non-metallic materials, such as plastic, wood, cardboard, leather, etc., CO2 laser marking machines with lower power are usually used.

Advantages of laser marking machine

Why is laser marking so popular now? Laser marking has the advantage that it cannot replace traditional marking methods.

1. The laser marking has high precision, can obtain high-quality results, and can even clearly identify graphics and tiny text.

2. Laser marking can achieve automatic compliance and is one of the fastest compliance processes in the market. It has the dual advantages of high production efficiency and low batch compliance cost.

3. For different materials, different structures and sizes, the speed of reaching the standard can be improved by changing the laser source and various parameter settings.

4. Laser marking is permanent marking and has the advantage of strong wear resistance. It has good application on agricultural products that require long-term identification.

For specific applications of laser marking in various industries, you may know after a preliminary understanding that the laser machine can meet the requirements of standard metals and certain non-metals, but do you know whether it is suitable for certain products?

Practical application 

1. Add numbers and dates to food packaging, bottles, etc. of food companies

2. Mark circuit boards, electronic parts and cables produced by various electronic equipment companies

3. Print logos, bar codes and other information on various products



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