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Beautiful, precise and efficient laser welding machine
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Beautiful, precise and efficient laser welding machine

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  Stainless steel products can be seen everywhere in our lives, ranging from airplanes, automobiles, ships, industrial production lines, to medical equipment, gold and silver jewelry and so on. The traditional welding methods of stainless steel products are argon arc welding, resistance welding, etc., but there are many defects, such as cracks and heat effects. For this reason, today we introduce a stainless steel laser welding machine that can not only improve the welding efficiency but also improve the aesthetics of the welded seam.

Laser Welded Stainless Steel

Traditional welding techniques:

  In the prior art, for the welding of stainless steel pipes, argon arc welding is usually used to weld the bottom layer, and argon gas is filled on the back of the weld (ie, in the pipeline) to prevent oxidation of the welded area. However, the filling layer and the cover layer are welded by manual electrode. Due to the limited length of the electrode, there are many welded joints and welding defects such as pores and slag inclusions are prone to occur. Argon gas is used to prevent oxidation of the weld. In the gas chamber, argon and air are in a mixed state, and the back of the weld is more or less likely to be oxidized and overburned, which greatly reduces the toughness and plasticity of the weld. The quality of the weld will also decrease with the service life of the weld. Moreover, if welding in a high-altitude, narrow-space environment, argon gas usage and waste are large. The traditional welding seam is imprecise and unsightly, and the welded product has an obvious protruding line at the welding port, which is easy to cause product deformation.

Why use a laser welding machine?

  The stainless steel laser welding machine has low comprehensive cost, high welding production efficiency, beautiful weld formation, small heat input, small porosity tendency, and stable weld quality. Both in terms of appearance and final effect, it is more perfect than traditional welding technology, especially for some industrial production projects that require beauty and safety, the use of laser welding can achieve very ideal results and automatic assembly line welding. Improve product quality and improve work efficiency. As an advanced equipment controlled by digital computers, the reliability of laser welding equipment is beyond doubt.

1. Compared with the parts that are difficult to access by traditional welding, non-contact long-distance welding can be implemented;

2. The fixture can be customized, separable, and graftable, and can be quickly connected with the customer's production line; the welding head structure frame can be freely selected to fully meet the customer's cost and site difference requirements;

3. Swing head welding: through the angle deflection of the lens, a variety of different types of optical paths can be realized;

4. Using industrial computer as human-computer interaction, the operation is simple and reliable, easy to control; the equipment operation cost is low, the consumables are few, and the daily maintenance is simple

  The above is the whole content of HANTENCNC stainless steel laser welding machine, beautiful welding seam to achieve precise and efficient welding. The company also has co2 laser marking machines, uv laser marking machines, laser welding machines, laser engraving machines and other equipment. Welcome to inquire.



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