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CO2 Dynamic Focus Laser Marking Machine
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CO2 Dynamic Focus Laser Marking Machine

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Laser Marking machineThere may be many people who don't know what a laser marking machine is, so they don't even know a CO2 dynamic focus laser marking machine. This article will briefly introduce what is a CO2 glass tube dynamic focus laser marking machine.

What is CO2 Dynamic Focus Laser Marking Machine?

Different from ordinary and 2.5D marking machines, this machine uses FEELTEK's 3D galvanometer with a maximum marking range of 600X600mm. Through a customized 100W CO2 laser tube, the smallest spot diameter can reach 0.05mm. Marking jeans, gift boxes, wood products, acrylic and other non-metals is effortless. This machine is equipped with a high-power smoke exhauster as standard, which can discharge smoke while marking to protect the surrounding environment. 

At the same time, it is equipped with a T-Serious CW5000 water cooler, with precise temperature control to prevent high temperature damage to the machine, which can greatly extend the service life of the laser tube. The standard CO2 laser marking machine can only achieve the maximum range of 300X300mm, the spot pattern is poor, the spot is thick, and the typing is blurred. The CO2 glass tube dynamic focus marking machine can make up for these shortcomings. The golden combination of dynamic focus and CO2 glass tube laser, taking into account the two major advantages of large-scale marking and low price, is your best choice.

The Advantages of CO2 Dynamic Focus Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking technology is one of the largest application areas of laser processing. Because of the significant advantages of laser marking, laser marking can produce various characters, symbols and patterns, etc., and the character size can range from millimeters to micrometers. This has special significance for product anti-counterfeiting and has been widely used in all walks of life. , I believe that with the gradual development of laser technology in the future, the application value of laser marking technology in the current industrial field is also getting higher and higher.



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