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CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Non-Metal Materials
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CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Non-Metal Materials

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CO2 laser offers the most cost-effective solution in laser marking and engraving technology. This compact units commonly replaces other marking technologies such as ink jet, dot peen and labeling due to the CO2 laser's ability to achieve high-speed marking while maintaining mark quality. This machine provides clear marking in plastics as well as ink removal for date coding.

 Features of co2 laser marking machine

◆ High power motor, stable and long life.

◆ High precision, high speed, clear marking, strong permanent.

◆ Scanning system can be lifting up and down, suitable for different-size product marking.

◆ Integrated and compact structure, aluminium alloy working table 

◆ Versatile marking software is compatible with Coreldraw,AutoCAD,Photoshop, supporting PLT, DXF, BMP, PCX, JPG, common vector and bitmap graphics, date marking supporting, serial number, bar code, 2D code,incrementing serial NO.,automatic jump codes,etc.

◆ Excellent air cooling system.

Applicable Industries

◆ Craft gifts,furniture,advertising signs,model marking,food,packaging,electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, printing plate, shell plate so on.

Applicable Materials

◆Leather, cloth, wood products, paper packaging, plastics, glass ceramics, resin plastic, PCB, rubber, glass, ceramic tile, marble, jade, crystal, and other non-metallic hard materials.

Warranty and After-sales service

◆ The warranty of machine is 24 months.

◆ The warranty is dated from Ex Factory Date.

◆ During warranty, we will send the parts to you for repairing/replacing.

◆ When the warranty is over, we will charge for replacing. 

◆ After-sales service is lifetime

◆ If there's any problem in future, we will give you technical support by sending email/telephone/skype/msn and we will send you technical documents to fix the problems.



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