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CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Leather Engraving
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CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Leather Engraving

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Introduce for Co2 Laser Marking Machine

HANTENCNC CO2 laser engraving machine, using optical devices, has the characteristics of high precision and ultra-fine spot. It can engrave arbitrary figures, bar codes, serial numbers, random numbers, graphics, trademarks, photographs, etc. on the surface of objects uniformly. It is widely used in the marking and cutting of graphics and words in garment and furniture industry, leather, food and beverage packaging, electronic components, handicraft, glass and stone processing and other fields. It is suitable for marking most non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, label paper, leather cloth, glass-ceramics, resin plastic, bamboo and wood products, PCB board, etc.

Co2 laser markers adopt world famous digital laser scanning head, this Co2 laser markers are quite suitable for users requiring highest precision and fastest speed batch production, tags, nameplate, logos.

Co2 laser markers are widely used in the field of non-metal field, such as: garment & shoes engraving, fabric cutting, medical packaging, handicrafts & gift, food printing, soft drink printing, cigarette code, beverage packaging tobacco printing, rubber marking machine, acrylic marker, water bottle marker, marking on plastic, leather engraving industries.


1.High quality Metal Tube

Co2 laser markers take high quality metal laser tube as the laser source. By 2D fast-speed scanning mirrors swinging as the scheduled angles under the controlling of the computer, the laser focus on the surface of the work piece by focus lens to form images and realize marking and graph processing.

2.Free of maintenance

Metal tube has exquisite beam quality, stable power output, high marking precision, long working life time, and can work for 20,000-30,000 hours free of maintenance, then can be recharged by re-filling with co2 gas, suitable for users requiring batch production and high marking precision.

3.Simple structure

Simple structure, abrasion and rusty against component, the system have the most stable performance and moving precision.


Applicable materials:Can be used in wood,paper,leather,cloth,plexiglass epoxy,acrylic,unsaturated polyester resinand other non-metal materials. Applicable industry:it can be widely used in leather ,food ,beverage,cloth,electronic,meter,communication instruments,package,etc.can be cooperate with production for online marking. It can proceed marking/carving/engraving/nicking a variety of text, symbols, graphics, images, barcodes, serial numbers,etc.

Simply put, leather manufacturers only need to use CO2 laser marking machines reasonably to form permanent patterns, texts, characters, merchants and other marks on leather products. In fact, the co2 laser marking machine not only helps merchants mark exquisite patterns on leather goods, but also helps merchants save costs and increase economic benefits. The co2 laser marking machine does not require any consumables during use, which saves unnecessary cost of consumables; and the equipment has at least 20,000 hours of maintenance, saving the trouble of equipment failure maintenance; at the same time, the equipment has 24-hour continuous work The performance can meet the assembly line processing of large-scale production by merchants.



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