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CO2 laser

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CO2 laser is a kind of molecular laser, mainly using CO2 gas molecules, the wavelength is generally 10.6um, it belongs to infrared band thermal laser.

Common CO2 lasers are divided into glass tube CO2 lasers and metal RF tube CO2 lasers

Glass tube CO2 lasers are usually made of hard glass materials and generally have a three-layer structure. The length has a certain relationship with the power. Generally speaking, the greater the output power, the longer the discharge tube is required, that is, the discharge tube is proportional to the power. The discharge tube has small holes at both ends to communicate with the gas storage tube. At the same time, the CO2 gas can circulate in the discharge tube and the gas storage tube, so that the gas can be exchanged very often.

The metal RF tube CO2 laser adopts a sealed-off type CO2 laser. The so-called sealed-off type CO2 laser refers to the light-passing hole of the laser (that is, the place where the plasma is formed and the laser is generated) and the working gas are sealed in the same tube. Different from the higher output flow gas laser system, which requires an external gas tank, gas pump and filter. Synrad's laser uses an all-metal structure for the first time. The laser tube and electrode are extruded from aluminum and then welded. This structure design has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, long-term stability and reliability, and is also the earliest metal tube laser.

The laser tubes commonly used in CO2 laser marking machines are divided into glass tubes and metal radio frequency tubes. The difference between the two is:

1. Volume:

Metal RF tube lasers are small and compact, while glass tubes are relatively long.

2. Service life:

The CO2 RF tube laser marking machine has a lifespan of more than 45,000 hours, which can generally be used for 6 years. It can be used repeatedly when inflated without replacement. The glass tube marking machine is only about 2,500 hours. Generally, the glass tube needs to be replaced frequently for half a year. reuse

3. Cooling method:

CO2 RF tube excitation can be air-cooled within 100 watts, and CO2 glass tube excitation needs to be water-cooled.

4. Spot size (beam):

CO2 RF tube laser marking machine is 0.07mm, the spot is fine, more than 3 times finer than glass tube, high precision, small heat diffusion area, can engrave/cut very fine works; CO2 glass tube laser marking machine is 0.25mm , The spot is thick, the precision is poor, the light output is unstable (the light intensity is uneven, and sometimes no light is emitted), the heat diffusion area is large, the cutting edge is melted, and the blackening is obvious, and the engraving precision is relatively poor.

5. Stability:

The radio frequency tube is a fully sealed metal tube, and uses a low-voltage power supply of 30 volts, which directly avoids some disadvantages caused by using a high-voltage power supply; because domestic glass tube laser cutting machines use 10,000 volts or even higher In addition to being unstable, high-voltage power supplies have certain dangers. Working for a long time makes the power supply easy to age, and has great interference to the control system. If the operation is improper, it is easy to burn out the main board, and it is more likely to be damaged by the voltage. function. As an aside, when the CO2 glass tube laser emits light, do not touch the laser tube or circuit with your hands.

6. Price:

The RF tube laser of the same power is many times more expensive than the glass tube laser, but in fact to achieve the same effect, the power requirement of the RF tube is much smaller than that of the glass tube, but even so, the RF tube machine is still more expensive than the glass tube machine Not a lot. Therefore, when purchasing a machine, you should choose which one to use according to your actual needs.



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