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CO2 laser marking machine for marking labels?
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CO2 laser marking machine for marking labels?

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  Labels can be seen everywhere in our lives. For example, daily necessities, food, industrial supplies, etc. will have some labels. The label represents the identity of the product and is not easy to be counterfeited. According to the label, the information of the product can be quickly identified. The emergence of laser marking machines Solve the problem that the traditional silk screen printing technology will fade the label, and unlock new skills.

Advantages of carbon dioxide laser marking machine

  Carbon dioxide laser marking machine marking labels is to use lasers to mark information such as PLU codes, QR codes and barcodes on the labels, saving paper, ink and traditional glue for labeling. The traditional screen printing method is labor-intensive, expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Due to its own characteristics, the carbon dioxide laser marking machine belongs to a non-contact processing method. The marked Logo parameters and other information marks have a touch feeling, which is easy to maintain the original state, and is not easy to abrasion. The carbon dioxide laser marking machine is mostly used for labels, and the marking on the label will not turn yellow or black. The heat of the laser is inherently concentrated, and the short and concentrated high heat will not affect the surrounding environment.

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CO2 laser marking results



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