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Can a laser marking machine print a QR code?
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Can a laser marking machine print a QR code?

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In today's life, two-dimensional codes appear in every corner of our lives. Two-dimensional codes can store a large amount of information. As a new type of publicity and marketing methods, they are gradually being used by more and more people. Merchant manufacturers use. At present, the application of QR codes in manufacturing information management systems, re-sale and sales of food and medicine and other industries, and e-commerce and other industries has been very mature, and the demand for QR code marking is also growing. The traditional two-dimensional code marking method is the method of ink printing and coding. The two-dimensional code marked by this method is not clear enough, and the two-dimensional code may not be scanned, and the mark is easy to replace and easy to be used by criminals , the proliferation of fake and shoddy products.

With the development of laser technology, laser marking machines have gradually appeared in the public's field of vision. Different from traditional inkjet coding methods, the two-dimensional codes marked by laser marking machines are beautiful and permanent, and do not need to be wasted. Computer control, non-contact marking of products by laser beam, laser marking is clear, fast, suitable for large-scale online marking, high yield, no pollution.

The laser marking machine developed and produced by HanTen Laser can mark exquisite and permanent QR code marks on products of different materials. Different series of laser marking machines are used in different fields. UV laser marking machines are mainly used on glass. For marking, fiber laser marking machine can process text and pattern information on metal. CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used for leather and wood products.



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