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Can the laser marking machine print photos?
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Can the laser marking machine print photos?

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 laser marking photo Taking photos with mobile phones has become commonplace, and everyone wants to mark their precious photos forever. For example, on mobile phone cases, the surface of some souvenirs, etc., many people have questions: Can the laser marking machine print photos?

Application range of laser marking machine:

  It is possible to mark photos with laser marking machine. First of all, let’s talk about fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machine can be used to mark numbers, letters, text, pictures, two-dimensional codes and so on. The object of action is metal and some non-metals such as hard plastics. Widely used in mobile power supply, mobile phone shell, alumina blackening, tablet computer, ring, watch, sanitary ware, electronic components and other industries.

  Of course, there are also requirements for the quality of the photo laser equipment, because the fiber laser marking machine is not a printer. To put it more commonly, when the fiber laser marking machine marks the pattern, it is marked according to the resolution of the pattern, and the color of the picture is darker. The color of the place is darker, and the light of the picture is lighter. The fiber laser marking machine cannot make adjustments according to the color of the pattern to print the corresponding color. We also have mopa laser marking machines if you want to make colorful patterns.



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