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Classification of Laser Cleaning Equipment
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Classification of Laser Cleaning Equipment

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laser cleaning machineLaser cleaning equipment, like other laser equipment,which also have many different types, different models, and different powers. So how to choose the laser cleaning equipment that suits you? Pay attention to HantenCNC and reveal all kinds of little knowledge about laser cleaning machine with us.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, HantenCNC mainly promotes two types of laser cleaning equipment, one is a continuous laser cleaning machine, and the other is a pulsed laser cleaning machine. 

What is the difference between the two?

Continuous laser cleaning equipment, as the name suggests, the laser of this machine is continuous, and the laser is emitted by the laser source, which means that the laser source of this machine is a continuous laser. This type of laser has achieved tens of thousands of watts of power. For example, a 3000W laser is like an overlap of three 1000W lasers. Therefore, Continuous laser cleaning equipment are relatively large. 

Pulsed laser cleaning equipment, as the name suggests, the laser of this machine is a pulsed laser, which is also what we usually call a Q-switched laser. Currently, pulsed lasers have only a few hundred watts of power.

After talking about the principle, let’s talk about the differences in other aspects. 

The first difference of them is prices. Although the continuous laser cleaning equipment has high power, bulk and heavier weight, its price is much cheaper than pulsed laser cleaning equipment. 

Second,The advantage of pulsed laser cleaning equipment is that it can clean materials without damage.And for the same power, the efficiency of pulsed laser cleaning equipment is much higher than that of continuous laser cleaning equipment.

In addition, the high-power working state of continuous laser cleaning equipment will generate a lot of heat in a short period of time. Therefore, water cooling systems are generally used to dissipate heat. However, pulsed laser cleaning equipment has low power, such as 50W/100W equipment, which has low single pulse energy. The heat is small, and air-cooled cooling can be used.

That's it for today's knowledge. Friends can choose the right laser cleaning equipment according to your needs. In the next issue, I will introduce to friends the application of different types of cleaning equipment in different fields. Pay attention to HantenCNC, let you not get lost in the laser industry~~~



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