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Color Laser Marking Machine Stainless Steel Laser Equipment
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Color Laser Marking Machine Stainless Steel Laser Equipment

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Through years of research and development, the laser heat effect generated by the stainless steel watch is used. Through the laser thermal effect, it is concluded that the laser energy density has a different relationship with the coloring reaction of the stainless steel surface. As the laser energy increases, the color of the stainless steel surface changes in the following color order: orange-red-purple-blue-green-blue- Blue-green-green-yellow-green-yellow-cheng-red, Hanteng Laser finally developed a reliable, easy-to-use, richly colored, mature and high-efficiency laser color laser through precise modulation of the laser generator and repeated experiments. Marking machine, and can do large-format marking. It has been put into production and application in large quantities, and the production is stable.

Color laser marking technology can mark numbers, barcodes, QR codes, patterns and other information on stainless steel to meet product traceability or aesthetic needs. Under the action of laser, colorful stainless steel can be used in tableware, automobile, architecture, arts and crafts and other fields. For example, the use of laser color marking technology to depict exquisite color patterns on the surface of stainless steel spoons and chopsticks gives people a creative and novel feeling, and the product has been popular on the Internet.

You can edit all kinds of text patterns as you like, which is very convenient and easy to operate: absolutely environmentally friendly, no pollution; fast marking speed, for the stainless steel product industry, the application of color laser marking can add the color of the marking graphics, which can greatly improve the quality of stainless steel products. Product added value and enhance the international competitiveness of stainless steel products.

Due to its good corrosion resistance and excellent decorative properties, stainless steel has a wide range of applications in many fields such as home life and social construction. The perfect combination of color laser marking technology and stainless steel can add colorfulness to the marking graphics.

The equipment of HanTen Laser is being used in the market in large quantities. There are standardized models for sale. It can also customize large-format color laser marking equipment and surface large-format laser processing equipment according to customer needs. It requires high-speed production in batches and can be customized. 50 watts, 70 watts, and even 100, 150, 200 watts of high-power laser color printing equipment, and large-format color printing equipment for seamless splicing and marking can also be customized. Wall decoration, elevator door decoration stainless steel color playing effect.



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