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Common Problems and Solutions of Laser Cutting Head Protection Lenses
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Common Problems and Solutions of Laser Cutting Head Protection Lenses

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As we all know, the laser cutting head is one of the most important components of the laser cutting machine. The laser cutting head has the characteristics of high precision and high price, and the optical components play an important role in the components of the laser cutting head.

In the cutting process, every important step is inseparable from the optical lens. The laser cutting machine uses the energy of the laser beam to cut, and the original beam emitted by the laser is focused through the optical lens to form a high-density light spot to cut various materials such as steel pipes, plates, and metals.

Get to know the protective glasses:

When the laser cuts the material, a large amount of gas and spatter is released from the work surface, which can cause damage to the focusing mirror in the laser cutting head.

Frequently Asked Questions about Protective Glasses

1. The sealing effect of the cutting head itself is poor

2. Wrongly replace the protective mirror window box

3. The cleaning method of the protective mirror is incorrect

4. Use of unqualified cutting head wearing parts

5. Improper operation of laser cutting machine

6. Wrong choice of laser cutting process data parameters

7. The installation method of the protective mirror in the cutting head is incorrect


1. Select qualified protective glasses and "0" type sealing rubber ring, which can ensure the sealing of the cutting head to the greatest extent and prevent dust from entering.

2. When operating the cutting machine, operate it correctly in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual to reduce the negative impact on the protective mirror due to improper operation.

3. In the process of installing and replacing the protective mirror, try to keep the cutting head in a horizontal state, install the protective mirror into the cutting head and lock it tightly. Avoid the tilting of the cutting head, which may cause dust to fall into it due to careless installation.

4. At present, there is no technology that can guarantee the absolute sealing of the cutting head. However, due to the low external temperature of the cutting head and the high internal temperature of the cutting head, there is always a temperature difference. Unbalanced air pressure and other reasons can cause dust to fall into the cutting head, thereby affecting its life. We can install a breathing system to keep the air pressure stable at the cutting head.

5. Due to the relatively large size of the protective mirror box, it is inevitable that dust or particles will be mixed in during the replacement process. Therefore, when replacing the protective mirror, quickly pull out the mirror box, seal the window with tape or other films, and complete the replacement carefully and carefully.

6. Different cutting processes correspond to different cutting power, type of plate to be cut, thickness of plate to be cut, and auxiliary gas. Selecting the appropriate power according to the process cutting parameters is beneficial to protect the cutting head.

7. The wrong cleaning method of the protective mirror will also cause pollution of the protective mirror and shorten its service life.

    • Fingerprints on the lens caused by direct contact with the lens.

    • When cleaning the lens with a lint-free cotton swab, the lens may be scratched with excessive force.

The correct cleaning method to protect the lens:

1. Cleaning tools: dust-free wiping cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol, rubber air blower.

2. Spray isopropyl alcohol on the dust-free swab.

3. Gently pinch the side edge of the protective lens with the thumb and index finger of the left hand.

4. Hold a dust-free wiping cotton swab in the right hand, gently wipe the front and back sides of the lens in a single direction from bottom to top or from left to right, and blow the lens surface with rubber air to confirm that there is no foreign matter on the lens surface after cleaning.



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