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Common Troubleshooting of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
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Common Troubleshooting of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is also known as non-metallic laser marking machine. We will encounter various faults during use. What are these faults, and how can we eliminate these faults? We all know that there are many accessories on the laser marking machine, and each accessory may have different problems. We will face different types of problems during use. For example, there is a problem with the galvanometer, the marking is deviated, the laser beam is too weak, etc.

How to solve this problem if the marking depth does not reach the desired depth:

1. Adjust the laser power first, if the power is increased, if the problem has not been solved, go to the next step

2. Adjust the focal length to a reasonable position. The height of the product is different, and the focal length of plane and non-planar needs to be re-adjusted

3. The marking speed is too fast, and the speed should be slowed down

The failure to meet the requirements after adjusting the parameters may be due to other reasons, and we should analyze the problem from other aspects.

1. If the lens is used for a long time, there may be dust on the surface, pay attention to check

2. The power supply has been used for a long time, whether it is still in a stable state

3. Whether the beam expansion position and direction are accurate

4. Whether the optical path adjustment is accurate, the optical path will also affect the marking depth of the marking machine

5. If the laser is used for a long time, the beam becomes weak, and the laser needs to be replaced, or the continuous marking is checked.

The marked graphics are not standard enough or the difference is very large. This is generally a galvanometer problem. For example, a standard square is printed into a trapezoid or the like or directly printed out and deformed. This method may be a galvanometer problem. , If the replacement of the galvanometer cannot meet the requirements, it may be related to the concave and convex surface of the marked item. If necessary, the visual positioning effect will be better. The solution can be to correct the galvanometer signal. If the hardware correction still cannot be solved, then choose the software correction.

The line printed by the laser marking machine is a dotted line. How to solve it:

1. The transmission is unstable due to the unconnected signal

2. There may be a problem with the signal cable

3. Whether the card insertion position is accurate, incorrect position may also cause

4. The signal may be interfered, keep the interference source away from the marking machine

5. The power output is unstable, resulting in disturbing marking

There are all kinds of messy faults in the laser marking machine during use. The common faults are far more than these. The text description is limited, so I will not describe them one by one here, and deal with specific problems in detail. If you encounter a problem, please ask a professional to solve it, and non-professionals should not disassemble the machine to avoid accidents or cause the machine to cause more serious failures.



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