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Common Types and Functions of Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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Common Types and Functions of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine can be used for marking all metals, plastic rubber, spraying materials, electroplating materials, etc. Commonly used in auto parts, sanitary ware, communication products, electronic components, plastic buttons, integrated circuits and other industries. 

Today I will take you to learn about different types of fiber  laser marking machines and their functions

1.Marking black color on Aluminum oxide, this is a MOPA technology fiber laser marking machine that required an adjustable pulse width. Unlike ordinary fiber laser marking machines, mopa fiber laser marking machine can make alumina black, while the general Fiber laser marking machine cannot do this;

2. Metal coloring, this requires some adjustments and attempts on the parameters according to the material, and various colors can be printed on stainless steel;

3. MINI seal laser marking machine,As the name suggests, the whole machine is sealed. This model is launched for European friends who like it, the purpose is to protect the eyes when using the machine, and at the same time protect the environment.

4. On-line flying marking, what does the mean? That is to combine the fiber laser marking machine with the assembly line, marking while feeding, so that we can greatly improve our work efficiency, for some needs to be placed on the assembly line Marking is an absolute boon for marking items that are generally inconvenient to move manually;

5. Portable fiber laser marking machine. This kind of laser marking machine is small and does not take up space, which can meet the basic marking needs. For customers with ordinary marking requirements, the portable laser marking machine is very suitable.



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