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Common problems and solutions of handheld laser welding machines
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Common problems and solutions of handheld laser welding machines

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  Handheld laser welding machine is popular in recent years a welding equipment, laser welding principle is electricity is converted into a laser laser, high temperature melting welding wire and parent metal fusion effect, due to users' understanding of equipment is less, improper operation, some problems existing in the use, here to tell everyone about the existing problems and processing methods:

1: Excessive consumption of the protective lens of the torch head

  In normal welding, the nozzle of the welding gun is downward. If the vertical welding is welded from top to bottom, it may cause sparks to fall into the inside of the gun head and cause damage. Generally, the gun head and the material are welded at a 45° oblique angle from front to back. When replacing the protective lens, pay attention to the surrounding environment, and try to wrap the outside of the gun head as much as possible. Avoid long-term use of dust into the interior.

2: The focusing mirror, reflector and QBH lens are damaged

  These are the main three lenses. If one of the three lenses is broken, the welding torch must be removed. The lens should be replaced in a dust-free environment. If the power is insufficient, the laser does not focus and disperse, and the welding nozzle burns red, the welding must be stopped in these cases. , and check the protective lens and other lenses for damage.

3: The wire feeder is stuck

  When the wire feeder is stuck, check whether the gun nozzle is unobstructed, the wire feeding tube is unobstructed, and whether the wire reel rotates normally, especially the welding of aluminum materials, everyone must pay attention, because the hardness of aluminum materials is low, so it is very it is easy to cause jams and poor wire feeding.



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