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Consumers who buy laser marking machine are most concerned about a few things
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Consumers who buy laser marking machine are most concerned about a few things

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  If you often encounter any of the following problems in your daily purchasing, pls be sure to finish reading this article.

  1. The machines you buy are expensive, but the quality is always lower.It's always going to have various of breakdowns.

  2. Do not know how to confirm whether the machine and Its components you received are consistent with the parameters understood at the time of purchase.

  3. The service attitude of the seller changes dramatically before and after the purchase

  4. Don't know how to operate the machine and so on.

  After reading this article, all your doubts will be solved.First of all, let me introduce our company. 

  HantenCNC is a famous laser marking machine manufacturer in China.

  We have a variety of international certification support. For example: ISO9001, CE, FDA, etc

We are an international comprehensive company.Services include production development, import and export trade, and program design.

Our company mainly produces and sells laser equipment and printing equipment: 

1. Laser marking machine 

2. Laser welding machine 

3. Laser cutting machine

4. Laser cleaning machine 

5. UV printer

The above indicates that we have the strength to provide the following warranties for our products:

1. We ensure that all products produced meet international standards. All products are of the highest quality.

2. The engineer first inspects the test machine, then the qualified machine leaves the factory, and finally the transportation company will delivery the machine to you.

3. We guarantee to provide you with the installation and use instructions of the product.

4. Most importantly, we guarantee to provide lifetime service for all products we sell.

We can solve any problem at any time with our after-sales service contact.

1.We will guide you by phone or video. Help you quickly learn the machine and solve operational problems.

2.If the machine fails during use, we will provide original parts and bear the domestic transportation costs.

The customer only needs to bear the cost of the product and the international transportation expenses.

3.Of course,due to the quality of the machine,and then it is damaged.We will replace the parts free of charge

4.We provide preferential services for customers with long-term cooperation. 

For example:Purchase the machine give you a component for free.

Won't you want to cooperate with us after seeing this?

Looking forward to your order.



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