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Could the Laser Marking Machine Mark Photos?
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Could the Laser Marking Machine Mark Photos?

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Fiber laser marking machine, he is more popular in the current market, because it can not only allow more people to have a more convenient processing method. So some people would like to ask, can the laser marking machine still print our pictures? That is, some pictures are actually possible. This can be very accurate to tell everyone. Today we will learn about the relevant knowledge of printing photos on the fiber laser marking machine.

 First. We also need to know that fiber laser marking machine has its advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the advantages are also very rich. The disadvantages are also problems that many scientific and technical personnel will overcome. Then, we are choosing fiber laser marking to mark pictures. At the time, what products can we mark on? In fact, the answer to this question is still very broad, because it applies to the compliance of many products in our lives, such as ours. For some mobile phone cases that are frequently used, the patterns on the back of it can be realized with a fiber laser marking machine, so there is also such a saying for customization, it is possible that he is responsible for this work.

But if you talk about a more complicated program like marking a photo, it will take a little longer, because the lines it forms and more aspects are more troublesome. But for such a machine, we don't need to worry about it, because its marking speed is relatively fast, and its performance is also very good for him.

However, not all photos can be marked. We have to provide a clearer photo, and then we have to realize the shortcomings of the fiber laser marking machine. It is not as simple as printing pictures in our lives. , Because we have to choose a suitable software to work with our machine. And we have to consider the target products that we meet the standard. Her color fiber laser marking machines are many, and they can't distinguish the colors well. However, there are also more expensive standards on the market that can be achieved in time. Then when we mark the picture, we have to adjust a lot of values, so that we can adjust the number before we can mark the contrast, which will be more obvious. There are many more, for example, the in-depth comparison of marking also requires certain technical and operational capabilities. , We go to use fiber laser marking machine. When such a machine marks pictures, it is also very important for us to choose pictures. Don’t choose pictures with very complicated colors and more complicated depth. This is also useful for our machines. Certainly challenging.

The above content is very simple to tell everyone. Fiber laser marking machine, one of his requirements for picture marking, not all pictures can be accepted by our machine, and the effect presented is not necessarily very good, so go Choose a better machine to mark the picture.



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